What I'm learning; 13th March 2017

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Not a very successful week, but I was tired and a ill for part of it. Mostly chalk it up to poor planning and poor initial scanning of the material.

Last Week:

  • The Imposter’s Handbook: I read up until the chapter on Big O, and was confused about how any of the chapter on complexity actually mapped onto anything people did in their day to day. It was interesting but I also didn’t feel I’d completely grasped the topic, so gonna lay this book aside for now and chalk it up to it needing to be auxiliary rather than primary material for understanding this stuff.

  • es6.io: Kept forgetting this was my other task, and also that there are a bunch of exercises to do throughout the course. Didn’t get round to doing much of it.

This Week:

I’m mixing it up this week; I feel like I’ve been doing too much “static” learning. I haven’t been putting any of what I’ve been reading into practice, which is of primary importance with coding, so I’m going to start doing one learning goal and one building goal.


  • es6.io: Third time’s the charm!


  • wildcard.js website: I’m only aiming to have made a good start with this, as I want to use react and some form of JS static site generator. A good candidate for this looks to be gastby, but we’ll see how it works out.

No more stretch goals, I think building something leaves plenty of room for stretch.

What are you learning this week?

Written on March 12, 2017