Push Code Everyday

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One of the best ways to get better at coding is to constantly write code, and in the spirit of that I’ve decided to try and push at least one commit every day. I’ve also decided that writing a blog post can count, as I haven’t been writing on here very often and it’s a great way to keep myself accountable and to document my journey as a coder.

I’ve been inspired to do this by nelsonic and iteles’ prolific github contribution charts, John Resig’s post, Jennifer Dewalt’s 180 websites in 180 days and also this blog post.

My rules for this will be:

  1. Write code for at least 30 minutes every day
  2. Push regardless of whether or not it works by the end of the day (bad practice I’m aware but I’m trying to get better at git too, so will try and get better at branching my non-working code)
  3. Writing a blog post or changes to my blog site also count
  4. Push before midnight.

I’m hoping to complete Lorem ____um at some point this month, to start work on a node version of a transcode hack that tracks how positive or negative people are being about trans keywords that’s gone quiet, seeing as that uses the Twitter API too. I’d also like to make a twitter music generator (name in the works obviously), so I’ll soon have a ‘Twitter Experiments’ section on my projects page!

Writing this out on the internet for everyone to see should hopefully keep me accountable, so watch this space! A github contribution chart that will appear on my project page as soon as I work out how to make it happen, so any failures will be out there too. I’m hoping this will be the start on a big increase in my output and coding skills!

Written on September 20, 2015