What I'm learning in 2017

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This year I’m going to blog more, and have a more structured approach to learning new things about both Javascript and programming in general. I think I’ve been pretty scattershot on both of these, and in learning this definitely leads to blind spots, forgetfulness and discouragement.

I’m going to post weekly updates about what I learnt that week and what I intend to learn the week after. I’m limiting myself to five items. My inner cheerleader always thinks it’s best to say you’ll do more and do less, but a lot of people have said it’s more satisfying to actually cross everything you intend to cross off your list, so I’ll try that.

I’m starting a new job next week, which I will update this blog on when I start, I’m very nervous and excited to be moving onto to somewhere bigger and better. New year, new job, same old Olu trying their best to learn as much as possible in a methodical manner!

This week I want to:

  • Refresh my React: I’m doing Frontend Masters course on it, which I will finish. I will also complete Wes Bos’ tutorial. I also have a bunch of links to go through in Todoist, so I’ll update next week on what was helpful.

  • Learn Redux: A popular state manager for React, a phrase that only has a shadow of a meaning for me at the moment but I’m excited to learn what all the fuss is about. Another Wes Bos course and whatever Google throws up for me in this one.

  • Refresh my Angular: I did Angular for paze, my previous company, but I need to brush up on my terminology, and generally reinforce the principles. I’ll be using Frontend Masters for this.

  • Finish JS based algorithms course on Frontend Masters: “Four Semesters of Computer Science in 5 Hours” has been fun so far, I just stopped to work more on my interview skills for a while. It’s interesting to get a broad stroked overview of the different topics.

  • Try ‘Algorithms, Part I’ on Coursera: I’m trying a few of the ‘teach yourself computer science’ tracks online and this course is mentioned a lot. They say to complete the exercises in Java but I’ll probably just use JS at this time. I say ‘try’ because I’m aware it might be too maths based for me at the moment. If this is true next week I’ll have a look at the pre-requisite maths included in those lists.

What are your goals for this year? What are you learning this week? Let me know in the comments.

Written on February 20, 2017