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I’ve decided to start a community for women and non-binary people who code in Javascript called Javascripthers! I’m excited and I’ve had a good initial response; 200 followers on the Twitter and nearly 30 in the slack so far. I was inspired by this post by Garann Means. She covers a lot of what I’d like to see in this community, but I thought I may as well list out some of the things I’d like to happen that aren’t listed in that post, as well as highlighting some of the most important things in my opinion.

  • An online global community: I’d love to have an online conference, as well as weekly twitter chats about things pertinent to the Javascript community.
  • Local Chapters, starting in London: the internet is all well and good but being able to meet someone near you who understands your journey can be invaluable.
  • Mentorship: career guidance and peer learning.
  • Training: online hangouts, in person classes and pooling of the best resources from around the web.
  • Member profiles: I’d love for every member to have a bio showcasing them and their work
  • Help with Open Source: this links in with mentorship but I’d love to eventually have a Google Summer of Code/Outreachy/Rails Girls Summer of Code kind of initiative for Javascript, as well as help for complete beginners.
  • In person meetups: coffee mornings, dinners, conferences, hackathons, talks…
  • Newsletter: highlighting stuff in the community, members, events, deals, jobs…
  • A job board

This is all a mix of long term and short term goals, but I think it pays to dream big.

What would you like to see from Javscripthers? Let me know in the comments!

Written on December 1, 2015