What I'm learning; 6th March 2017

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I was a lot more sucessful this week doing what I said I would. Even if I didn’t complete them to as high a standard as I would have liked, I did at least do parts of both of the goals I set myself.

Last Week:

  • Learn Redux: Wes Bos’ redux course doesn’t go into why you would actually want to use redux in the first place at all, so I think I’ll put this one on hold for now until I understand why it’s useful a bit better. No complaints about the course itself and it’s free though, if all you want is a practical introduction.

  • ‘Four Semesters of Computer Science in Five Hours’ Frontend Masters course: I’ve watched all the explanation videos at least so I now have a vague grasp of all the concepts, but for a lot of the examples I didn’t feel like I’d know how to go about the challenges, so I’m going to add a book to my list for next week on the different algorithms that can come up.

This Week:

  • The Imposter’s Handbook: A book for people who are self taught to learn computer science. So far it looks good, but I’m still very near the beginning, and not the best learner from books, so we shall see.

  • es6.io: I think I know a lot of the most in-use ES6 additions already but I still want a more comprehensive look at all the language features in non-book format.

Stretch goal:

Learn what redux is useful for: I think despite the intial intimidation that learning redux practically will be okay, but I think I want to understand when it’s appropriate to use, and more importantly what problem it solves, before that.

Written on March 5, 2017