What I'm learning; 26th February 2017

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As promised, I’m going to update weekly on what I learnt last week and plan to learn next week.

Last week:

  • React refreshing: I now feel a lot more confident with react but couldn’t tell you if that was as a result of Brian Holt’s course on Frontend Masters or just generally going through all the courses I could find and being confused, like v1 of Wes Bos’ learn react. Either way the basics make sense. A lot of the Brian Holt course ended up being about react periphery stuff, which makes sense seeing as that stuff is quite hard for react beginners, but I would have liked a bit more repetition of the basics. Still technically haven’t finished it but i think I will pause for now.

For me it’s really hammered home the importance of notes or conscious reflection for teachers; right now I’m unsure what I found so confusing about react, and it’s only been a few days since I feel like I fully understood - understood, not just being able to rpelicate - the fundamentals. Odd.

  • Learning Redux: I started the Wes Bos course but was mostly confused by Brian Holt’s explanation, and am not yet clear why data tunelling is such a bad thing beyond potential typos.

  • Revising angular: Enjoying the code school Angular course, after a bit of googling, but didn’t think much of the Front end Masters angular courses, though I think they were a bit much for someone trying to revise rather than learn angular, and I’ll try them out in due course depending on how Angular is written at my new workplace.

  • Finishing the javascript based algorithms course: Ha, didn’t even start to do this. I’m only doing one or two things at a time learning wise next week.

  • Trying Algorithms part I course: I was too lazy to learn to even read Java to start doing this, so it’s a bad idea to try. Not happening right now.

This week:

I’m reducing the number of points to two with a stretch goal.

  • Learn redux: I begun but did not finish Wes Bos’ course, so I aim to finish it, and I’ll update on any other resources I find if it still doesn’t make sense after finishing this.

  • Finish Javscript based algorithms course: Need to get this out of the way, I’ve been saying I would for a long time!

Stretch goal: Learn more ES6: I have an online book I forget the name of and another Wes Bos course, but I doubt I’ll have time.

What are you learningt this week? Have you also forgotten what it’s like to be a beginner? Let me know in the comments.

Written on February 26, 2017