Devember Day 6

1 minutes to read

A pretty frustrating day but one that reminds me that I really love programming.

I discovered codeplayer today as I had a design idea for Twitter Windchimes; moving clouds in the background that move faster depending on how many times your keywords are picked up. I wonder how crediting goes for CSS, but I’m inspired by these two codeplayers. I never knew you code use :before: and :after to create such cool effects.

In the end I never even got onto the clouds; I put in a gradient background to simulate dusk and spent a long time fiddling with the spacing of elements as the tricks I learnt about flexbox spacing weren’t working. I coded for about three hours somehow, completely lost track of time.

Tomorrow I’ll tackle the logic again - I think alternation is probably best as I love styling too much. I’m annoyed/amused because I spent so long trying to fix it so the SVG was fixed to the bottom and the text and input was in the middle, then thought I’d fixed it:


And then I swapped out of inspector view:

Or not


Do you like my design? Could you have done this layout in your sleep? Let me know in the comments.

Written on December 6, 2015