Devember Day 4

1 minutes to read

Flip flop on the way I’m going to implement this, as it seems CORS prevents any way of interacting with the Twitter API in the browser side. I was fairly sure this was true already given my hacky way of getting the github contribution graph to show up on my project page.

I also couldn’t get the TCP socket suggestion to work, given that Chrome apparently took steps towards separating chrome apps and chrome extensions a bit more robustly, and there’s now no API to do it. So now I’m wondering whether it’s worth doing this app, as it may be a bit too similar to lorem blankum skills wise, even though I’d have to use authentication, some form of audio API and hopefully an animation of some sort.

I was told by a friend they weren’t too similar so I’ve started the app using node, hapi, gulp, sass and the npm twitter module as usual. A bit uninspired colour pallete and design wise so I’ll give that a think tomorrow, I can think of the animations I want to use and how I want it to look user journey wise at least.

Barely scraped an hour today which is bad, but been feeling run down all of today and made a bit of starting headway at least! Also learnt a lot in the process of doing this, like chaning my deprecated command.

I’m going to work on the Free Code Camp projects as my ‘fallback’ project in case I get stuck and am waiting for a reply on something related to this. I think working on two things I have to work a lot out for at the same time probably isn’t the best move.

What have you been working on? Have you learnt something new recently? Let me know in the comments.

Written on December 4, 2015