Devember Day 3

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I didn’t work on Twitter Windchimes at all today, as I was wrangliing with what I needed to do, and go stuck on needing an icon for the chrome omnibar to get started. I realise now I could just download one from a template, duh, but either way today is done. It’ll be the first chrome extension I’ve made so I’m excited to see how it’ll work out.

I’ve finished version 0.1.0 of the Javascripthers site, it’s just flat and simple. I deleted the footer and am unsure if there’s anything wrong with doing this SEO or otherwise, but I’ll find that out tomorrow too. Originally I made it without the icons and it looked a bit crushed together, he also suggested the white on yellow header but I’m unsure how that stands up from an accessibilty perspective.

I haven’t included any a11y features, which I feel terrible about, though another friend has said she’s interested in doing it. As she said, this is just an MVP and I wanted to get something up as quickly as possible rather than waiting a long time for the perfect site. It’s an iterative process.

To be a bit more positive for a second, I’m impressed how far along I’ve come since February! I remember how weird I found the Jekyll syntax at first, and how difficult I found it to navigate github, now it’s all pretty simple.

Another thing is that Joe pointed out I hadn’t added instructions for developers to my documentation for lorem blankum, and that it had been difficult to work out he needed environment variables, and that assuming a developer knows how to run npm install they should be able to set up and run my code just by looking at the readme. Another thing to add tomorrow! Or maybe next week for all these things I’m saying ‘tomorrow’ about, I already have weekly goals.

He also had some advice about Twitter Windchimes, and said that I won’t need to use TCP sockets becuase I can use a HTTP library, so tomorrow I’ll have a look at them and see what that entails.

What have you been working on? Let me know in the comments.

Written on December 3, 2015