Devember Day 2

1 minutes to read

After reading this post I decided that my focus for the next day would be Javascripthers website (github) and Twitter Windchimes. I’m going to use Jekyll for the Javascripthers site so it’ll be things like faffing over layout and content that make it take time.

Twitter Windchimes will be a browser extension that plays a tune every time one of five keywords that you pick is tweeted on Twitter. I’d love to also make a standalone version to practice authentication and SVG or CSS or HTML5 canvas animation, but that’s a goal for another day.

For a while I was still trying to decide whether I wanted Windchimes to be a standalone thing or a browser extension. After consulting with a friend they said it would probably be best to start off with a browser extension. I got a bit confused about how I could make this work without a backend but another friend suggested that I use a TCP socket, so I’ll research what that is tomorrow. Most of my coding today was faffing with the Javascripthers site and I didn’t even get very far, I was stuck on design. I’m going to keep it quite clean and simple and try to use the official Javascript symbol colours.

Wakatime tells me I didn’t quite make an hour (55 minutes) but I’m counting overspill from yesterday as I coded far more than I needed to meet the quota.

Are you taking part in Devember? What are you making? Let me know in the comments.

Written on December 2, 2015